Hello from novoss

Novoss is an IT systems development and consulting company, specialising in business information, customer and job management systems. We can design and build your company’s information systems from the ground up or we can build on, and streamline, your existing systems and processes.

We Analyse. We Build. We Manage. We Help.

Novoss can provide a broad range of services:

  • Auditing and analysis of existing systems.
  • Scoping of proposed projects and systems.
  • Design of system and business workflow.
  • Development and testing of new systems.
  • Deployment and integration of new systems.
  • Migration of existing data.
  • Management and maintenance.
  • Education and training.
Our Philosophy

On new systems

When thinking about a new system, people often think about the problems with their existing systems. Whilst it’s important to note what you want to change, we encourage you to think of the system you’d build if there was no system. What would be your ideal workflow? Don’t worry about how it might break your existing workflow – That’s what we’re here for. We’ll work out the details and we can bring your existing data along for the ride.

On adding to old systems

Your existing systems do most things well, but it would be really nice if you could easily email that group of customers, or pull up your interstate sales for the last quarter. Things like that shouldn’t require a massive overhaul. We can look at ways to access and leverage your existing data and systems to get them doing what you want, at a fraction of the cost of a complete rebuild.

Let’s use that wheel we already have

Good systems take time to develop and refine. The good news is that in a lot of cases good systems already exist. We believe it’s better to build on the great work of others than to do all the hard work again. This greatly speeds up systems development and gives us more time to focus on the smaller but crucially important things that make your business systems unique.

In more technical terms, this means we build systems on top of industry standard frameworks like Symfony, Doctrine and Twitter Bootstrap. We re-use packages, developed in-house or by 3rd parties, to quickly setup the basics like user accounts, addresses, and data searching. We also use 3rd party APIs to give you access to systems and data that already exist, like address geocoding and ABN data.


Hold on to your data

Your data is your business. We get that – it’s our business too! Moving to a new system doesn’t have to mean leaving everything behind. Novoss will work with you to migrate your existing data. In most cases we can automate data migration, minimising downtime so you can get back to doing what you do. In situations where manual data processing is required, we can give you systems and strategies to make it easier. We can even do the manual work for you, if you prefer.

We can handle it. Or you can.

Projects can be big, and we’re happy to play as big or small a role as you’d like us to. We can manage everything, from scoping to deployment, and management and maintenance after that. You just need some analysis of your existing systems? No worries. You already have a scope? We can work with that. You want to manage your own hosting? Go for it!

A Business Needs a Face

We love systems, but we also understand your company is more than just what goes on in the back room. Your customers need to be able to find you and communicate with you, and your website is a primary way to do that. We build fresh and modern customer-facing sites where you have control. We’ll do the hard work setting it up and sorting out the technical stuff, and you’ll have the tools at your disposal to edit and add your own content. Naturally, your public website can be as integrated, or as separated, from your business’ systems as you’d like.

Proven Experience

When you get us to do something, you’re trusting us with your business. That’s a serious undertaking on your part and we treat it as such. We’ve been trusted with complete system overhauls for companies across a broad range of industries including insurance, logistics, health, tourism and more.

Get in Touch

Have you got a project we could help you with? Maybe you just need some help working out where to start. Send us a message or drop us a line – We’d be happy to hear from you!

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